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J Like Y Films

& Productions

Since 1998 J Like Y Productions has acted as the umbrella company for all my creative work - which includes: Film, Photography, Music, Graphic Design, Etc.

What's with the Name?

It is a difficult thing when trying to name your business. Especially when the work you produce reflects something about you. Most production companies I was familiar with normally used their names: John Smith Productions. I wanted to do the same thing: Marek Dojs Productions.


There is was a slight problem. No one could say it. They could get some semblance of Marek out - normally sounding like Marrick. When it came to the last name, no one had any idea.


“It’s a Polish name. Say the ‘j’ like a ‘y’. Doyce.”

I found myself on several occasions explaining this and decided that “j like y films” would be a good name.

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