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Film Work & Portfolio

Digital cinema has been my medium of choice for most of my adult life.

While I have made all kinds of film - narrative, experimental, and doc - I find my home working with nonfiction topics that I am personally connected with.

I like to use my camera to examine my journey and the human experience. My films usually deal with topics of identity within the frameworks of family, culture, and history.


"The Vanishing Point: Tracing Shadows in Prussian Blue" is my most recent work. It was a product of an authentic burst of creativity while taking a course on Holocaust representation in different art forms.

The film is an exploration of memory, identity, and the transformative power of photography.

In my opinion, "Return to Stołowicze," is one of my most important films. It was inspired by my grandmother, who was born and spent the first ten years of her life in this small village in modern day Belarus. In 2008, I had the opportunity to travel here for the first time, yet in many ways it felt like a return.

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