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For some reason, in the late 1970s, Adam picked up and moved from London to Dartmouth, a small coastal town in the southwest of England.  He stopped working as a machinist and started working on the fuel barge that serviced the River Dart.

Here he spent the last 30 or so years of his life.  He became well known throughout the community, not only for his sociable personality, but also for his wealth of stories.  He made many friends, but near the end of his life he found many reasons to push them away.

One day in the late 1980s Adam was contacted by the Red Cross to let him know that his son was looking for him.  The Red Cross gave Adam the option to have his location released, which he did.  Adam met my father in 1990 for the first time in over 40 years.  I met him 8 years later.

The last 15 years of his life he was an invalid, confined to his small flat on the 2nd storey, or what we always referred to as the Third Floor.

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